Simply type a domain name like PageYourName in the box below, select .com, .net, etc. from the drop down selector and click search.

If you find a domain name you like, register it after your search and you can set up a forward so it displays your online text message interface!

If you need help setting up your forward we can send you instructions after you sign up for your online text message interface. Just make sure to tell us that you set up your own domain name in the "comments" area at the end of your order.

Would it be easier for you if we set up a domain name for you to use?
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We can set up a domain name for you to use if you prefer. It would be registered under our company name and we will also set up the forward for you. Cost for one year registration and for us to set up and maintain is $20.00 (yearly renewal fees will apply).

Simply run a search to check for availability and when you place your order, write in the domain name you wish to use and in the "comments" area at the end of your order process with a note telling us that you want us to register it. We will charge your credit card $20 and send you a separate receipt. (One year paid in advance subscription required)
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